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8 Years of Coding Experience

10 Years E-Commerce Experience

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Opie Oils

The largest independent supplier of performance car engine oils and fluids in the UK. I joined the team as webmaster in the company’s infant years, back when the company was a side note to the heating oil business. Now Opie is a globally recognised and trusted independent oil supplier and sponsor of all manner of motorsports. I have grown with this company, from taking photos, adding products, and doing general maintenance to becoming a core full stack developer and second in command for the Website & Business Development Team.

I am generally responsible for large progressive projects on the site, including both code, design, UX and UI. However, I also must ensure maintenance of dynamic and static customer facing elements, functions, and pages.

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Heating Oil Cornwall

Heating Oil Cornwall (the online brand of Opie Oils Heating Oil) is a pretty much static company, with little changing from year to year. The business has been around since 1925 and is well known through out Cornwall. The business deals with everything heating oil, up to and including installation of oil tanks, boilers, and maintenance, to the more obvious delivery of oil.

The website has undergone a few facelifts in recent years. However, its latest design and build is mine. I took the fixed width nonresponsive website from a confusing cluttered design to the new light, responsive and user-friendly version with emphasis on Oil Quotation, Easy UI, SEO and general improvements in UX.

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Opie Commerce Oil

Opie Oils is world renowned for sourcing hard to find, high end commercial and industrial oils, fluids, and lubricants for B2B sales. This site is dedicated to converting long tail search words and un-common search phrases within a commercial scope into orders. The site is low traffic, with low conversion rates, but with extremely high single order volume.

Based on the popular ASP.Net CMS nopCommerce, this site is a combination of default styling/code and heavily modified templating, including design and code manipulation and build. The site design and build are mine, except for the order import API, and another team (whom I was responsible for) adding products and general details.

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Millers Oils Shop

Millers Oils are a highly innovative independent blender of market leading advanced oils and fuel treatments with a history of providing creative lubrication solutions for some of the world’s best-known brands.

Due to the unique nature of Opie Oils, existing corporate friendship, and inhouse design / development, when Millers Oils required an online retail presence for their oils & fluids under a strict timeline, they approached Opie Oils. The site was a collaboration with our team, and Millers Oils. The design came directly from the Millers Oils (with some tweaks) and built by our team with myself heading up the project.
This site, like Opie Commercial Oils, is based on the popular ASP.Net CMS nopCommerce.

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Castrol Ebay Store

Castrol are globally famous, and for good reason, they provide oils, fluids and lubricants for pretty much every application in the automotive industry, plus great products in commercial/industrial, and are massive sponsors within motorsport.

Opie Oils has a unique relationship with Castrol, working in collaboration with design agency Jay Wing I helped develop their official eBay presence. The eBay shop and listings won an eBay motors aware in 2015 and has since been extremely successful in producing sales and a brand promotional/marketing tool for the Ebay platform.


Side Projects

Nothing progresses and stretches your skill sets quiet like taking on a side project, as of late I’ve been quiet in this department, However in the past I have had a fair few, below are the standout projects.

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